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TURTLES at the Charles Darwin Research Center on Santa Cruz Island

Day 2: In the Galapagos, Santa Cruz

The next morning we woke up, it was Thursday, Dec. 15. We were planning to get up early and do some self-exploration of the island. Nick accidently set the alarm an hour later than I wanted (8am instead of 7am). However, lucky for him the Galapagos is an hour earlier than Quito and we ended up waking up at the correct time. Yay! I rushed to get ready and embark on the day. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast and left the hostel. The streets were quiet and the sun was just beginning to radiate its strong rays. We walked along the main street of Puerto Ayora on our way to the Charles Darwin Research Center. This was FREE!!!!!! I took a few snapshots along the way.

So where did I leave off….

I did not want to get this far behind on my blog but then life decided to get in the way. I left off with our bay tour in Santa Cruz. When we were finished we with the tour we headed back to the hostel to shower and clean up (since I hadn’t that morning because of waking up late.) We got dressed and I realized that in my frenzy that morning I had forgotten my hairbrush - this is important. So we explored around the town searching for a hair brush for me to buy and some food. The Galapagos is not CHEAP! Everything is almost three times or more the price of what it is on the mainland of Ecuador. Nick and I were a little sticker shocked to say the least. After being accustomed to inexpensive living we were not prepared to face the tourist trap pricing that awaited us. I bought a hairbrush and then went to a small grocery store to purchase bread, snacks, and juice to save some funds during the trip (the food at restaurants is super expensive and can add up quickly). If you want to do the Galapagos cheaply I recommend bringing your own food in your bag. There are plenty of options on the mainland that you can easily pack and live off of, its a great way to reduce the costs because things add up. Also Nick and I did little guided tours rather than booking it all together. I’m happy with how we did it but would have loved to see more islands but that adds up as well. I would recommend saving up to see this biological treasure and book a cruise which I heard from others as being fabulous and the best way to see a majority of the islands. However, there are ways to see what you want to see without a big price tag and I successfully accomplished this goal in the time I was there.

That night we sat on the beautifully-lit pier overlooking the bay and the ships rocking to the waves of the water. We ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and toasted with my favorite juice, peach nectar yuuuum. We were entertained by a pelican above us who was hunting for fish. His feet would slap against the over hang above us as he moved from one side from the next looking for his next prey. The water was so clear that we could see rays gliding under the water and various fish. We slept soundly that night with a full day planned for the next day.

So here’s my problem…

The lazy bug has infected me and my productivity lately. I need to get my sh*t together! Help! I’m graduating in June and have no idea what I am going to do with my life. You go to college, you get a piece of paper, and then WHAT?!?! I am looking forward to graduating and I hope that I can finish my homework and then formulate my life plan. I have a general plan but need to put it to action!

Also, I need to post the rest of Galapagos memories. Blogging is hard when there are so many other things are on your mind and it happened so long ago. I need to be better. I need to be better!

Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

A Snippet of my Travels… so far. (por worldtravelerinterns)

Cross your fingers for me, I’m hoping to win this internship through STA and travel the world.

Bay Tour cont’d…

Our boat driver borrowed some fish scraps from the fishermen and had the swarming frigate birds eat from his hand. We drove to the channel of love, a skinny passage with turquoise water.

We left the boat and walked through the paths carved through the lush plant life. We were able to look out over the island and admire the views while also seeing a small channel of white tipped sharks and manta rays resting.

We then walked to La Playa de los Perros, a beach named after the crabs that live there. However, we saw a lot of iguanas and not very many crabs. We were lucky to be in the Galapagos during the mating season of the iguanas that are everywhere in the Galapagos. The males that would normally be black change their skin to bright colors in order to attract their female counterparts. Interestingly enough, the female iguanas follow the male wherever he goes. So normally their is one male for almost 50 females.

After that part of the tour, I braved the cold water to snorkel. I was hesitant at first to jump in because honestly I didn’t want to get wet but I’m sure glad I went in the end. The boat driver ended up jumping in too and guiding me through the waters to find the animals. There were a few fish swimming about which were brightly colored and beautiful, but we found a sea turtle and followed for such a long time. I was amazed. It glided through the water gracefully and beautifully. I swam above it and admired it from above. The driver even attempted to pull me down to touch it. I couldn’t do it but I was close. I was smiling ear to ear by the end of the experience and felt so lucky to be in the Galapagos and have this happen to me!

Love me some sea lions.

Galapagos, Ecuador